Costi bio

My name is Stuart, I’m from at town in England just north of London. I’ve been living in Romania now for over 10 years, but my first connection with this amazing country goes back further to 2002. My passion is to work with teenagers, to develop a relationship with them, help them practically and with their education in whichever ways I am able and to share with them both practically and verbally to love of Christ for them. My desire is to see these youth come to a personal relationship with Jesus as Saviour and to receive a hope that lasts into eternity and impacts the choices they make and the way they live out their time here on earth.

needs romanian translation

Hi everyone. My name is Cath and I am from Bristol in the UK. Before I came to work at the Refuge Center, I was an Early Years Practitioner and I have had over 20 years’ experience of working with under 7-year olds. I originally came to Bucharest to serve at Bucharest Christian Academy School as their Kindergarten teacher and I was part of this school for 6 years.

I joined the team at the Refuge Center in October 2017 after feeling Gods calling on my life to work with children who are a lot less fortunate than the ones that I had been working with in the past.

 I am excited and feel extremely blessed to be a part of this team and I am looking forward to seeing how God will use me during my time with the team here in Romania. In January 2017 I obtained permanent residency here in Romania which means that I can stay here for the next 10 years. I feel excited if a little apprehensive about this.

I love the well-known verse from Jerimiah 29:11 where it talks about God having a plan for our lives and giving each of us a hope and a future with Him and this is something that I hold onto in my everyday life and walk with Him.

needs romanian translation